Friday, October 28, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: Yunos Wrap Film & Moisture Mask

In the past year or so, I've started to use masks diligently- at least 3 times a week. I find that my skin does look better and is more hydrated, not to mention it helps my makeup go on better too. I really like ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Snail and Aloe as I find they don't irritate my sensitive skin.

One of the items in Wonect's October Beauty Package was the Yunos Wrap Film & Moisture Mask. There are 3 individual packs and these masks can be used hot or cold- leave them in the bathtub/bowl of warm water or in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. 

This 2-layer sheet mask with beauty essence and wrap-film prevents the evaporation of essence and is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly Extract which provide deep moisturization to the skin. Read more about how this mask works here.

I tried mine out after popping it into the fridge and when opened, I found the sheet mask to be well soaked in the beauty essence. Unfolding it was simple, just follow the illustration above to pull at the "tabs" and it would unfold. After about 20 minutes, I took it off and patted the remaining essence into my skin, followed by my usual skincare routine.

This was how the mask looked after, it was still wet and I could have had it on for at least 30 minutes without it drying out. My face felt highly moisturized and supple, and I did not experience any irritation with this. 

Interested in the Yunos Wrap Mask? Check out the link below!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lychee Soda

Whilst I was away from KL, Fanta launched a new soda flavour- Lychee!

About time they came up with something new, for so many years it was just Orange or Grape. Not that I don't like them but this is a nice addition! Light, not as sweet at the other two and it really tastes like lychee! I like it!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: maNara Hot Cleansing Gel

Cleansers are a must in my daily skincare, I might skip on lotions or eye cream when I'm lazy but never my cleansing step! I have to cleanse twice a day, once in the morning with a light gel or foam, and once more at night to remove the day's makeup and buildup.

I've always favoured cleansing oils to remove my makeup as I find the slip of the oils as I massage away the grime to be enjoyable and gentle on my skin. A perk for me is dislodging little oil seeds or bits of dust as I massage away (regardless of brand used). 

maNara Hot Cleansing Gel isn't new to the market but I was wary of picking it up despite the raves as I was concerned the heat produced would irritate my sensitive skin. But guess what, again I am proven wrong! I don't usually type in caps but I LOVE THIS!!! I REALLY DO!!

Wonect sent over a trial pack of 6 sachets, but because I am on a cosmetics & beauty ban (I have enough cleansers to last me another year) I can't even buy it!! I really love this product so I'm saving the last 2 packs for when my skin needs a little TLC.

This gem here is formulated with 91.4% of serum-like hydrating ingredients- Collagen, Ceramide, Royal jelly extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Honey and Grapefruit extract amongst other things. There is zero Paraben, Mineral Oil, Petroleum derived agents, Ethanol, Synthetic colour or scent. 

Many high-end brands boast nutrient rich ingredients but I've never really felt any of them to live up to the claims not even La Mer's Cleansing Oil. So I don't buy into expensive cleansing oils anymore and instead started trying out more drugstore brands as they all did the job. But this, this is LOVE! I definitely felt the ingredients nourish my skin and it felt so soft after!

The orange gel which gets it's colour from carrot extract squeezes out thick and has a orange scent to me but apparently it's 100% grapefruit. As I massaged it on my face it turned into a oil-like texture which spread easily. It also got hotter but never to an uncomfortable stage. I was initially worried I would end up with a red face because of the heat but I didn't experience any redness nor irritation. It removed my makeup perfectly and it felt like I had a mini-facial. I couldn't stop stroking my soft face after! Read more about how this gel works here.

I never thought a makeup remover or cleanser could be SO GOOD! Love the scent, the texture, the deep cleansing from the heat and the softness I experienced after is like no other. I highly recommend this product!

I've really discovered many new Japanese products through Wonect, thank you to the lovely team for the carefully curated and prettily wrapped packages!

Interested in the maNara Hot Cleansing Gel? Check out the link below!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: Sweets Sweets Cushion Tint Cheek (Cassis Tea)

If you've only time to put on 3 makeup items on your face before rushing out, which would you pick? I used to think it was foundation/BB cream, eyeliner and a lip colour but I still look unpolished and somewhat pale. After much trial, my 3 picks for rushed or casual days are- BB cream, eyebrow powder and blusher. I find myself looking much more presentable this way, if my lips are pale I can just purse them a few times to get some redness or if my eyes are puffy I just put on sunnies or glasses. Looking radiant is more important to me and a good blusher plays an important role.

The Sweets Sweets Cushion Tint Cheek sent over by Wonect in October's box is as it says, a cheek tint which dispenses from the tube and just like a BB cushion, you pat pat pat it on your cheeks. I received the colour Cassis Tea which is a neutral red. The formula contains beautifying ingredients which include Hyaluronic Acid and fruit extracts to moisturize the cheeks.

The cushion cover is detachable and can be washed, just remember to let it dry completely before snapping it back on. 

Texture-wise, it reminds me of a jelly (I squeezed some out with the cushion cover removed) and upon application, it feels watery but dries off well.

Reds are perfect for creating a flushed or rosy look, but you have to go light-handed else it just ends up being too dramatic. I love how natural this looks on me! First and second picture below I only have it on the left cheek.

The colour blends well into my skin and isn't matte but has a very slight dewy look. It is definitely buildable, just squeeze some more and continue patting the cushion on your cheeks.

Complete look on both cheeks! Love how natural it is.

This Cushion Tint Cheek is great for beginners as it is easy to control the application plus the formula is blendable, buildable and you can always layer on more easily without suddenly turning into a clown. The formula is quite resistant once dry and doesn't transfer nor smudge and is long-wearing. 

Removal was easy, I had no problems using my usual oil cleanser. However, if travelling with this do take note not pack it too tightly or place any pressure on the tube whilst in transit. It wouldn't spill out but you might end up with a heavily soaked cushion. Other than this, it's pretty much perfect to create a naturally flushed look.

Interested in the Sweets Sweets Cushion Tint Cheek? Check out the link below!