Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: CanDo Liqueur Nail Polish

The last item in Wonect's November Box are these clear colour polishes from CanDo. They come in transparent little bottles so you can see the colours and are 6.5ml each.

I received 3 colours, from left to right a coral (TMLN1603), a purple (TMLN1604) and a raspberry (TMLN1601). I am no stranger to painting my own nails, I actually enjoy doing and find it rather relaxing.

These polishes are quite runny, so you don't need much to coat your nails. I experimented with a few bases and looks, 1) the one above was with a base coat, shimmery pearl colour and topped with the CanDo polishes. I find that the base colour still shines through which creates another pretty colour.

Here, I have the same 3 stripes but with different bases- 1) as above with a shimmer pearl base, 2) a nude colour, 3) a lilac colour and 4) on bare nails. The colours look different when used over different bases. They can also be layer over each other to create a unique colour. The brush is easy to use, has a smooth application and a longer handle means it has an easy grip. The polish also dries off quite fast so you don't have to wait long between application if using 2 coats.

Again, from left to right- bare nail, lilac polish, nude polish, and shimmery pearl polish. I've seen some pictures where a gradient look using one single colour can be created with these polishes. Can't wait to test it out with other colours!

There are so many more nail ideas which can be created with these CanDo nail polishes, have a look here.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: Visee Glossy Rich Eyes in PU-04

Wonect's Box this month included a Visee eyeshadow palette, which I have seen in drugstores. Visee is a popular Japanese makeup brand and their packaging reminds me a little of Anna Sui's cosmetics- dark, lacey and glamorous.

I actually don't use eyeshadow on a daily basis and usually reserve them for special events like.. wedding functions, special dinner dates or celebrations. However, lately I've been trying to get more use out of my palettes and I am so happy to receive this quad as I don't have anything remotely similar in my stash. Yes, I barely use eyeshadows but I do have a number of them. #makeuphoarder

The quad is housed in a reflective case which comes with a little applicator and let's take a moment to appreciate the lace detail of the powders. Pretty! The texture of these eyeshadows aren't powdery but more on the soft, creamy side- almost like a cream powder. 

On the back of the packaging is an illustration of how you can use the colours, this look utilizes all the eyeshadows in the quad. I suppose you could also use the colours on it's own- which is what I do for day looks, I usually just stick to 2 instead of using all 4.

The colours are true to pan, and I really like how the colours aren't too strong. I usually avoid keywords in eyeshadow descriptions like "glossy", "sparkle", "shimmer" because they rarely look good on my hooded lids, but these complemented each other well. The glossy colour wasn't overly reflective but instead added a soft glow to my lids. 

Incomplete look without eyeliner, but here I used all the colours as per suggested on the back of the packaging. I've always admired those who can get away with just eyeshadows and still manage to look polished. Me? I always look half-asleep if I don't finish off with a thick layer of black liner.

My complete look! A berry lip to match the purple lids, and I have a look which is great for day and night. I never would have picked purple and brown to share a quad but it works! It took me less than 10 minutes to do up both eyes. I highly recommend this quad as it blends easily without any fallout and I did not experience any irritation at all.

Interested in the Visee Glossy Rich Eyes (PU-04)? Check out the link below!

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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Woke up this morning to discover that it had snowed the whole night and everything was covered in a blanket of white.

Something about fresh snow that makes everything look calm, clean and pure to me. 

Y mentioned that it's been over 50 years since Japan has had any snow fall in November. It usually only starts snowing in mid or late December. 

Lucky me?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Of Earthquakes in Japan

Early this morning an earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude hit close to Fukushima, and although Yamanashi is about 300km away, we too felt fairly strong tremors in our home. 

As a traveller, I never once felt tremors, not when I was in Tokyo, Osaka, not even Fukuoka. When I started living here, I became more aware of the earthquakes in Japan. No one can tell when it happens, and in Yamanashi weeks can go by without a single tremor but then you also get days where tremors occur on a daily basis.

My previous experiences were fairly short and small, lasting only about 5 to a maximum 10 seconds. Though short, even in slumber, the slightest quake wakes me and I always wait it out before dozing back to sleep. Y usually just sleeps through it, I imagine he must be used to it. However this morning's quake was strong enough to wake us both from the start. We lay in bed for a few seconds waiting to see if it would slow down or become weaker but it didn't. Y rushed me into the "safe room" the smallest space in our home which was the toilet to wait it out.

I felt so relieved as the tremors became smaller and soon stopped. We went back to bed but spent the rest of the morning watching earthquake videos in YouTube before Y had to get ready for work. Y let me listen to the "Earthquake Emergency Announcement" so I would know how it sounds like. Our street has a speaker which announces certain times of the day and is also used for emergency alerts, apparently they are all over Japan (I never noticed).

Y also told me the Tohoku earthquake in 2011 was the scariest he had experienced. I hope never to experience such a disaster but Y has told me to just be prepared, although Yamanashi hasn't had any major quakes, no one knows where the next one would hit. In contrast to my home country, Japan is relatively safe (in relation to theft and crime) but at high risk for earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons. Wherelse in KL, snatch thieves are rampant and heartless but Malaysians are safe from such natural disasters. Hmm.. 

Might be a little over-cautious, but I'm going to pack an emergency bag and leave it near the door of our home.

Going to be Googling more about earthquakes today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: Lion Leg & Foot Relief Cooling Gel Patch

First item out of Wonect's November Beauty Box, these Lion Leg & Foot Relief Cooling Gel Patches are a must-have for ladies who love their high heels or spend hours walking (shopping). These patches are really popular and I used to pick boxes up for friends whenever I travelled to Japan. 

A box contains 3 individually sealed packs, each with 6 patches inside. I usually keep a few lying around for when I spend a really long day walking or being on my feet. Although they are marketed as relief for legs, I have also used them on my neck and shoulder and they are really a treat for sore shoulders!

The patches are fairly large, and though they are of a gel texture, these don't drip and have no essence nor liquid on them. I very much enjoy the scent which is an aromatic herbal mix of lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon and orange; soothing yet fresh and not overpowering. 

To use, just remove the plastic backing and adhere the patch onto whichever body part is sore. The cooling sensation can be felt immediately, and I had mine on for over 2 hours and the patch still felt cool. It doesn't say how long to leave the patch on from the back of the box but just as long as there's still a cooling effect, you can keep it on. The patch is really comfortable to wear, it doesn't hurt or tug on the skin but stays on well so you can move about. Removal was also easy and gentle on the skin.

These are not reusable, but you can cut them smaller for a better fit. All in all, a handy product to have and keep around the home.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wedding Venue!

Checked out our wedding venue today and had lunch there to sample the food (again). We have had dinner here before and the food was excellent but since we were having a lunch wedding reception, we both felt we should at least try their lunch fare out. Any excuse to fine dine.

As we expected, both the food and service were top notch. I really fell in love with the decor and ambiance the first time I visited and I still felt the same today. Simple and classic but tasteful, lots of natural light and wood. LOVE!

We aren't going to decorate the place because I really like how it looks already and it saves us a fair bit too. Don't want too much going on which detracts from the beauty of the place. The restaurant also over looks a vineyard but unfortunately it would be bare when we have our reception in October.

Nevertheless, still a beautiful place and I hope our guests would think so too!

We also checked out the hotels along Lake Kawaguchi and a few restaurants in the area for casual dining. The colours of autumn are really so beautiful.

A very productive day out with my love!