Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: DHC x Disney Marie Essence in Eyeshadow GD-01

DHC's latest release features Marie in a range of makeup- lipstick, cheek cream and also liquid eyeshadows. DHC is primarily a skincare brand but I'm all for makeup which incorporates skincare or some form of benefit so I was quite eager to test this out.

I received the Essence in Eyeshadow in the colour GD-01 which is a soft rose gold, and the sturdy little bottle came housed in a cute box with matching illustrations. How cute is Marie??

The applicator is a doe foot which is great for precise application of the product, and the texture of the eyeshadow is sort of a gel-cream and isn't runny at all.

From their website, it states that the eyeshadow is formulated with 7 types of beauty moisturizing ingredients which help with skin elasticity and wrinkles. These include virgin olive oil and super hyaluronic acid to increase moisture and firmness on the eyelids. In addition, a colour active pearl is also added which gives off a luminous look to the eyes. It is also fragrance and paraben-free!

The official colour is listed as "Orange Gold" but I didn't find it to be very orange-y, just maybe a little bronze and a warm gold which applied very smoothly.

I applied the eyeshadow as shared on DHC's site, 2 dots and blended out with my ring finger by tapping to spread. The formula doesn't dry immediately so there was time to move it around and sheer it out, or you could also build opacity with it. 

Here's both eyes blended out. The colour is actually very flattering and suitable for both day and night use. On my eyes it looks soft and luminous instead of being glittery and shimmery. No discoballs here! Just a nice sheen on the eyelids.

Eyeliner: Clarins Kohl Pencil
Blusher: tarte Sweet 
Lips: Colourpop Aquarius Lippiestix

I added on eyeliner and nude lips for a casual day look, but you could totally glam it up with red lips or even a deep berry colour. The eyeshadow wore very well, I had it on the whole day without any issues. I did touch it intentionally with my finger just to see if it would flake or smudge, but it only transferred the very slightest bit. I have sensitive eyes but did not experience any irritation with the formula. An easy to use product, even for beginners!

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

How fast has the year gone by?! Christmas is now here and soon the New Year!! Y*'s boss gifted him with a cake and we took it back to his parent's home on Christmas Eve to share. It was by Uchi Cafe and so yummy! Soft fluffy cake with fresh cream on the inside.

After dinner and cake, Y*'s mother mentioned that there was a small illumination going on at the Herb Garden nearby and we went to check it out.

My phone is an iPhone 5S, rather outdated and it wasn't picking up the lights very well but it looked so magical!

Our first of many Christmases to come! 

Y*'s mother also surprised us all with gifts! I remember a week before she asked me what I usually did with my family. We usually had a roast dinner, and drew lots a week or two before with the name of the person to buy a gift for (but we always end up getting gifts for everyone in the family). I was totally surprised when she handed Y* and I our gifts! Quite touched that she tried to make me feel as warm as it was back home. 

The cutest pair of bunny slippers and warmest, softest cashmere gloves!

My dearest fiance also surprised me with a gift. We weren't doing an exchange this year but he surprised me all the same. The postman came early in the morning and when I asked who was at the door, he calmly said "NHK man". I had an inkling it wasn't but I let him have his fun before he presented me with the box. Ah! Not to forget, Y*'s sister also got a thoughtful gift but it isn't pictured. 

This is my first Christmas away from my family and although we aren't big on the holiday, I do miss putting up the tree (as tedious as it is to take it down) with my sister and forcing Choko to pose next to it. Little sister was right when she insisted we put up the tree last year as she felt it might be our last together. How time flies.

Hoping that Y* and I will be able to spend Christmas in Kuala Lumpur at least once in the future.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: Pure Smile Delicious Lip Cream (Corn Potage)

Lipbalms are essentials in my day-to-day life, I started using one when I was about 12 and never stopped buying (or hoarding) them since. Chapped and split lips are super painful, not to mention unsightly, so I make it a point to apply some sort of lip protection whenever I can. 

Included in this month's beauty box to combat the cold winter is Pure Smile's Delicious Lip Cream in a Corn Potage scent. I have tried Pure Smile's masks before and they're quite nice to use but didn't know they did lipbalms too. 

A quick Google search shows that this series of lip cream come in a variety of scents- Pancakes, Sweet Potatoes, Bread, Apple Pie and many more. How interesting! The lip cream is housed in a tube and has a cap which snap closes tightly.

Ingredients used to create the lip cream include beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, jojoba seed oil and macadamia nut oil. As I pulled off the cap, a sweet scent of corn potage wafted around. It really does smell like the real thing! 

Whilst it smells strongly of a rich corn potage, I could not detect a taste, and it also applied clear. The formula was so soft and smooth, almost like butter and just glided on my lips without any tugging. It left my lips looking moist but not glossy nor greasy. It felt quite moisturizing and I did not experience any irritation with this product. Some lipbalms actually leave my throat feeling scratchy, but no problems with this!

If you like the scent of sweet corn, you should definitely pick this up. If not, they have plenty of other scents too. If you love the scent, the more likely you are to want to apply and enjoy applying the cream, right?

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: Majolica Majorca Twinkle Body Jelly

Christmas is around the corner and many beauty brands usually release limited or repackaged items for the season which I look forward to. Sparkly, gold, glittery things everywhere we look! One of the items sent over this month was the Majolica Majorca Twinkle Body Jelly which is a limited edition body and hair moisturizer. They had a similar Body Jelly last year which sold out very quickly in a different scent and packaging.

This looks so pretty! I'm a magpie and love reflective shiny things. Gold and dark blue, very Christmassy and festive. Though the product comes sealed, the scent is quite strong and I could catch a whiff of the violet flowery scent even before opening it.

The lid if a flip-top so you can easily control and squeeze out how much you want to use. There's gold bits suspended in the jelly moisturizer, but it isn't scratchy or hard at all, just very soft and dissolves quickly once rubbed in.

Once blended out, the gold bits melt into the skin and leave no trace of glitter nor shine. No discoballs here! Although I liked the scent, which is a floral with a violet base (to me) it was a little strong for my liking. I generally prefer my lotions to fade away but if you like perfumed lotions, this is a great one which really lasts!

Once dried, it leaves no residue nor sparkly bits- just soft, moisturized skin. The difference between the moisturized spot and dry areas are so obvious! I also tried it on the ends of my hair, it dries quickly and left my hair fragranced.

A nice multi-use product to have, but it's only available for a limited time so grab yours at Wonect whilst you still can!

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Empties: November 2016

CHANEL Hydra Beauty Gel Creme
CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Serum
CLARINS Extra-Firming Eye Concentrate
CHANEL Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde Clair
KOSE Softymo Honey Whip Cleansing

I have finished full sizes of both the CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Serum and Gel Creme and whilst I did like them, I didn't think they were awesome for the price tag. Love the scent, but having tried less expensive hydration products which perform just as well, I would not repurchase. However, if you are interested in the brand, do give their hydration products a go.

I've finished travel sizes and also full sizes of this CLARINS Extra-Firming Eye Concentrate, and it's my favourite eye cream. This 3ml size lasts me for more than a month with daily use and you only need a grain size each time. No oil seeds nor irritation and it keeps my eyes smooth. Okay my first favourite is actually the Super Restorative Eye but it is significantly more expensive (and not intended for my age range, its targeted at women in their 50s). Will keep repurchasing.

This CHANEL Eyebrow Pencil has been in my makeup case forever, glad it's finally finished because I sort of forgot about it. I really liked it but kept "saving" it, as I do with many of my brow products. I used to hoard brow products (and then open them to test it out) so I don't have to worry when one of them finishes. The eyebrow pencil was a good match for when my hair was very light and even now in a darker shade, Blonde Clair still matched it. Easy to use, but I prefer brow powders now so I would not be repurchasing.

KOSE Softymo Honey Cleansing Whip was sent over by Wonect (full review here) and I used it as my morning cleanse and also at night if I have minimal or no makeup on. This lasted me for a good 4 months, a nice gentle cleanser which foams up when pumped out and removes all traces of light makeup. Still have many morning cleansers in the testing queue but I wouldn't rule out repurchasing this.