Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Empties: May 2017

Came back to Japan with soooooo many beauty products, I managed to lug back 1 whole suitcase full and I have another coming when my family visits in October. Thank goodness for ANA's generous baggage allowance. 23kgs x 2 pieces of luggage per person and I even got to take over Y*'s space, total weight- 92 kilos! Thank you my love!

I have decided to self-impose a no-buy, I most definitely have enough skincare and bodycare to last me for a long time. Starting next month, I will be holding off all beauty purchases until end October (5 months!) cause that's when my family comes for the final part of #MrMrsKomai and we may or may not go shopping and also Y* and I will be heading on our honeymoon, so I forsee that there will be beauty purchases LOL.

Anyhow, on to May's Empties!

There is only 1 item which I've already repurchased- the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover. This has been my absolute favourite eye makeup remover for the longest time. Ive recently discovered a Japanese drugstore brand which performs just the same, if not better and for less than half the price. Would be switching out after I finish my backups but it's still an excellent product!

I also want to note that the novelty of the Kanebo Evita Rose Whip Soap ran out for me, whilst it wasn't a bad cleanser I just got bored of it and ended up using it as a body wash to speed up usage.

Empties- 6
Total Empties- 58 

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