Monday, July 11, 2016

I'm in Japan!

It's been almost two weeks since I arrived in Japan, everything has so far been good- albeit a little scare at the airport, I was flying with a one way ticket and honestly did not know I could be denied boarding and even entry to Japan. However, the check-in staff at the counter went through my passport and was convinced I wasn't attempting to live in Japan illegally and advised me to just answer Immigrations confidently should I be questioned for not having a return ticket. 

Despite having a really good reason, I was worried whilst waiting to board and I kept reading results for the Google search "No return ticket denied entry to Japan". There were so many people that were denied entry even those from first world countries just because they did not have a return ticket! I was determined not to give the Immigration any reason for doubt so I filled up the Landing Card with my fiancé's number and full address. I pre-amped Y before I boarded that they may call him but he was sure I would be fine.

I was so nervous when I landed and as I handed over my passport to the officer, all I could think was *look confident, look confident, smile but not too much*. She did ask me to note down the person whom I was visiting and also reminded me that my visa was only valid for 90 days before smiling and returning my passport. I was so relieved! I can only assume I was not held for questioning because I have multiple previous Japan visas in my passport and thus am not a high-risk for overstaying.

So that's my experience with trying to enter a country with no return ticket. Reuniting with Y at the airport was just.. I don't know, so many words- happy, ecstatic, speechless, surreal. We were apart for 2 months and before that, 4 months! I could not stop smiling and looking at him as he drove us back. 

Packing up and moving so far away from family and friends is definitely not easy, but when I'm with him I know I've made the right choice. I love this man for so many reasons and count my blessings each day that I have met him.

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