Friday, June 17, 2016

Packing for Japan

In exactly 2 weeks, I will be relocating to Japan and deciding what to bring was really tough for me (because I have many material loves). Though I have 40kgs of luggage allowance, in the past week I have packed and repacked my 2 luggages so many times, each time removing more items to meet the weight allowance. 
Our bedroom in Japan would only be about half the size of my current bedroom, which is still an okay size, but considering how many things I've amassed over the years.. I knew I couldn't bring everything over. Not in one trip anyway. 

I used to have so many shoes, beauty products, bags, and nail polishes but these days I've limited my hoarding to just beauty products (which I use) and nail polishes. Specifically Chanel polishes.

This is my collection sometime earlier this year, I definitely added a few more colours to the rainbow but didn't manage a picture. I initially decided on bringing half of them over but they were so heavy! In the end I just picked the colours below for this trip.

My little box of polishes which will see me through Summer, Autumn and Winter 2016. Other staples which I am also bringing over are my beloved blushers (all of them!), some face care, sheet masks, most of my red lippies and some BB creams/cushions.

I have no doubt the beauty products took up most of my weight allowance. I didn't pack much body care as I did leave some in Y's apartment the last time I visited. But if I had extra weight, I would definitely bring my favourite body creams along.

I decided against buying new products in Japan (for now) because I don't want to spend time figuring out a new routine for my sensitive skin in the first month and also, what will I do with all my skincare left in Kuala Lumpur? I can make do without most of my clothes but not without my beauty products.

Super excited for the move, sometimes it feels like time is moving so slowly but part of me also feels that the days are counting down so quickly. 2 weeks will go by in a blink, I just know it. 

Bittersweet, but mostly sweet.

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