Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

How fast has the year gone by?! Christmas is now here and soon the New Year!! Y*'s boss gifted him with a cake and we took it back to his parent's home on Christmas Eve to share. It was by Uchi Cafe and so yummy! Soft fluffy cake with fresh cream on the inside.

After dinner and cake, Y*'s mother mentioned that there was a small illumination going on at the Herb Garden nearby and we went to check it out.

My phone is an iPhone 5S, rather outdated and it wasn't picking up the lights very well but it looked so magical!

Our first of many Christmases to come! 

Y*'s mother also surprised us all with gifts! I remember a week before she asked me what I usually did with my family. We usually had a roast dinner, and drew lots a week or two before with the name of the person to buy a gift for (but we always end up getting gifts for everyone in the family). I was totally surprised when she handed Y* and I our gifts! Quite touched that she tried to make me feel as warm as it was back home. 

The cutest pair of bunny slippers and warmest, softest cashmere gloves!

My dearest fiance also surprised me with a gift. We weren't doing an exchange this year but he surprised me all the same. The postman came early in the morning and when I asked who was at the door, he calmly said "NHK man". I had an inkling it wasn't but I let him have his fun before he presented me with the box. Ah! Not to forget, Y*'s sister also got a thoughtful gift but it isn't pictured. 

This is my first Christmas away from my family and although we aren't big on the holiday, I do miss putting up the tree (as tedious as it is to take it down) with my sister and forcing Choko to pose next to it. Little sister was right when she insisted we put up the tree last year as she felt it might be our last together. How time flies.

Hoping that Y* and I will be able to spend Christmas in Kuala Lumpur at least once in the future.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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