Friday, December 9, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: Majolica Majorca Twinkle Body Jelly

Christmas is around the corner and many beauty brands usually release limited or repackaged items for the season which I look forward to. Sparkly, gold, glittery things everywhere we look! One of the items sent over this month was the Majolica Majorca Twinkle Body Jelly which is a limited edition body and hair moisturizer. They had a similar Body Jelly last year which sold out very quickly in a different scent and packaging.

This looks so pretty! I'm a magpie and love reflective shiny things. Gold and dark blue, very Christmassy and festive. Though the product comes sealed, the scent is quite strong and I could catch a whiff of the violet flowery scent even before opening it.

The lid if a flip-top so you can easily control and squeeze out how much you want to use. There's gold bits suspended in the jelly moisturizer, but it isn't scratchy or hard at all, just very soft and dissolves quickly once rubbed in.

Once blended out, the gold bits melt into the skin and leave no trace of glitter nor shine. No discoballs here! Although I liked the scent, which is a floral with a violet base (to me) it was a little strong for my liking. I generally prefer my lotions to fade away but if you like perfumed lotions, this is a great one which really lasts!

Once dried, it leaves no residue nor sparkly bits- just soft, moisturized skin. The difference between the moisturized spot and dry areas are so obvious! I also tried it on the ends of my hair, it dries quickly and left my hair fragranced.

A nice multi-use product to have, but it's only available for a limited time so grab yours at Wonect whilst you still can!

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