Sunday, September 11, 2016

Gotemba Premium Outlet

Finally got to visit the Gotemba Premium Outlet in Shizuoka today! Possibly the last time I will be able to enjoy "tax-free" shopping in Japan. It took us about an hour from Yamanashi but it was an easy drive (I just played Pokemon Go). The Outlet has a good mix of high end- Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo and street fashion brands- Sly, Snidel, Nike, GAP, Abercrombie, as well as Sanrio, Disney and even a Pokemon Store.

We had lunch at the much raved about Uogashi and it did certainly not disappoint. It took us about 15-20 minutes to get from the end of the long queue to our seats, which is quite fast. Do note that they will only seat you when your party is complete.

Food was great, didn't capture everything as we were too busy eating. My favourite sushi is no longer salmon. Since Y* ordered me my first plate of arburi engawa (torched flounder fin) months ago I have been hooked. I must have it everytime we eat sushi now. Hello engawa (bottom left)!

If you get a seat at the counter, sometimes the sushi chef announces special sushi combinations or fish which is not available on the menu. On our visit we got to try the engawa kombu sushi. Yummy but arburi is still the best to me. Sooo gooood! They also had the "overflowing" sushi, which of course we had to order.

So much uni and ikura!!! I don't have to imagine how it feels to eat a plate full of eggs and sea urchin anymore. It was so fresh and satisfying! Immediately after, I told Y* to never let me order the uni sushi anymore. But looking at it now... *slurp*

After walking around for 6 hours, yep we were there from 10am until 4pm, we decided to head home. But not before pickup up a Godiva 90th Anniversary blend- Raspberry and Rose Chocolixir.

Smooth and sippable white chocolate topped with a rose and raspberry swirl, raspberry crunchies and a drizzle of raspberry sauce. A wonderfully unique flavour that calls up sweet memories of springtime. I want another one!!

One of our purchases today, the perfect white shirt for a groom-to-be! We managed to save a fair bit on the suit so we decided to splurge on this beautiful shirt. Each brand has a different fit and after trying on so many shirts, Prada and Armani fit Y* the best. He chose this in the end because of the feel and it has a slight stretch. I love it on him! Can't wait to see him all suited up.

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