Monday, September 19, 2016

Wonect Review: Canmake Your Lip Only Balm

Today's review is on one of the products sent over by Wonect this month- the latest Canmake Your Lip Only Balm. I love lip balms, I have a huge stash and can't get enough- high end or drugstore, I'm always keen to test out more. Canmake is a popular Japanese cosmetics brand- it was one of the first brands I purchased when I started experimenting with makeup many many years ago. 

I've always been attracted to their packaging, a little OTT but still pretty and cute. Most of their cosmetics have skincare benefits too, something which I value in my makeup.

Your Lip Only Balm works the same way as the Your Lip Only Gloss, reacting with the moisture in our lips to create a unique shade. This new product comes in 2 colours- Clear (for a natural pink) and Purple (for a deeper, blue based pink). I was glad to receive the Purple as I have slightly pigmented lips and anything light would not show up well.

The packaging reminds me of cut glass, I find it ladylike with a touch of glamour and under the cap is a pretty flower motif on the tube.

The texture of this balm is solid but doesn't tug on the lips during application. It glides on well and the small size of the balm makes for a more precise lining of the lips without the use of a mirror. Your Lip Only Balm also offers UV protection of SPF15/PA++ and though the official site states that it contains beautifying emollient oils, I am unable to find what those exact oils are. 

The first shot is of my bare and dry lips. In the middle shot, I first applied the balm on the left half (one layer) to see the difference, and below is after the colour has fully developed on the whole lip (2 layers of the balm). There was a slight difference with one or two layers of the product.

Top- 1 layer, Bottom- 2 layers
The Balm is able to withstand drinks and snacking but reapplication is necessary after a full meal. The colour lasted for more than 4 hours on me (until it was meal time) which is impressive. I really love the unique colours which I get, it's either a flattering natural pink or a deeper blue based pink. Though it is labelled as a Balm, I didn't find it super hydrating but that said, it did smooth out the dry patches on my lips. 

I've been reaching for this Balm many times over the past weeks as it's so easy to use and gives me a very natural look for days when I want a hint of colour. Another lovely product in this month's box, thank you Wonect!

Interested in the Canmake Your Lip Only Balm? Check out the link below!

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