Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: CanDo Liqueur Nail Polish

The last item in Wonect's November Box are these clear colour polishes from CanDo. They come in transparent little bottles so you can see the colours and are 6.5ml each.

I received 3 colours, from left to right a coral (TMLN1603), a purple (TMLN1604) and a raspberry (TMLN1601). I am no stranger to painting my own nails, I actually enjoy doing and find it rather relaxing.

These polishes are quite runny, so you don't need much to coat your nails. I experimented with a few bases and looks, 1) the one above was with a base coat, shimmery pearl colour and topped with the CanDo polishes. I find that the base colour still shines through which creates another pretty colour.

Here, I have the same 3 stripes but with different bases- 1) as above with a shimmer pearl base, 2) a nude colour, 3) a lilac colour and 4) on bare nails. The colours look different when used over different bases. They can also be layer over each other to create a unique colour. The brush is easy to use, has a smooth application and a longer handle means it has an easy grip. The polish also dries off quite fast so you don't have to wait long between application if using 2 coats.

Again, from left to right- bare nail, lilac polish, nude polish, and shimmery pearl polish. I've seen some pictures where a gradient look using one single colour can be created with these polishes. Can't wait to test it out with other colours!

There are so many more nail ideas which can be created with these CanDo nail polishes, have a look here.

Interested in these CanDo Liqueur Nail Polishes? Check out the link below!

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