Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wedding Venue!

Checked out our wedding venue today and had lunch there to sample the food (again). We have had dinner here before and the food was excellent but since we were having a lunch wedding reception, we both felt we should at least try their lunch fare out. Any excuse to fine dine.

As we expected, both the food and service were top notch. I really fell in love with the decor and ambiance the first time I visited and I still felt the same today. Simple and classic but tasteful, lots of natural light and wood. LOVE!

We aren't going to decorate the place because I really like how it looks already and it saves us a fair bit too. Don't want too much going on which detracts from the beauty of the place. The restaurant also over looks a vineyard but unfortunately it would be bare when we have our reception in October.

Nevertheless, still a beautiful place and I hope our guests would think so too!

We also checked out the hotels along Lake Kawaguchi and a few restaurants in the area for casual dining. The colours of autumn are really so beautiful.

A very productive day out with my love!

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