Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wonect Beauty Review: Lion Leg & Foot Relief Cooling Gel Patch

First item out of Wonect's November Beauty Box, these Lion Leg & Foot Relief Cooling Gel Patches are a must-have for ladies who love their high heels or spend hours walking (shopping). These patches are really popular and I used to pick boxes up for friends whenever I travelled to Japan. 

A box contains 3 individually sealed packs, each with 6 patches inside. I usually keep a few lying around for when I spend a really long day walking or being on my feet. Although they are marketed as relief for legs, I have also used them on my neck and shoulder and they are really a treat for sore shoulders!

The patches are fairly large, and though they are of a gel texture, these don't drip and have no essence nor liquid on them. I very much enjoy the scent which is an aromatic herbal mix of lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon and orange; soothing yet fresh and not overpowering. 

To use, just remove the plastic backing and adhere the patch onto whichever body part is sore. The cooling sensation can be felt immediately, and I had mine on for over 2 hours and the patch still felt cool. It doesn't say how long to leave the patch on from the back of the box but just as long as there's still a cooling effect, you can keep it on. The patch is really comfortable to wear, it doesn't hurt or tug on the skin but stays on well so you can move about. Removal was also easy and gentle on the skin.

These are not reusable, but you can cut them smaller for a better fit. All in all, a handy product to have and keep around the home.

Interested in the LION Leg & Foot Relief Cooling Gel Patch? Check out the link below!

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