Sunday, April 9, 2017

Eating Out: Marco Creative Cuisine

Came upon this new "casual fine-dine" restaurant in 1 Utama on the day it opened but didn't pay much attention. "Just another restaurant taking over", I thought. But over the next week I saw postings of their menu on Instagram and I was intrigued. Quickly made a reservation to check them out.

At MYR78 for "The Journey of Flavours", a 7-course (one of which is a drink) creative cuisine, it's quite a steal. Our whole table had the full menu but you can also opt for ala carte.
Palate Cleanser: Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter

Appetizer: Savoury Eclair

Soup: Truffled Mushroom Soup

Entree: Chicken Liver Parfait

Main: Pomodoro Cream Seafood Pasta

Main: Squid Ink Japonica Rice
Main: Chicken Roulade with Brussels Sprouts
Main: Duck Breast with Orange Puree and Roasted Beetroot
Clockwise L-R Dessert & Drink: Raspberry Decadence, Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie,
Creme Brulee & Sparkling Iced Berry

Everything was so good! We were worried initially that the servings would be tiiiinnnyyy so we ordered an extra main to share. Which turned out to be unnecessary as the portions are substantial and a good size even for a large eater like myself. By the end of the meal, I couldn't move! I did't even need dinner that night.

Service was excellent as well, I never had to ask for my water to be topped up. The more experienced staff moved about very smoothly and the newer ones were a little nervous, shaky when serving but nothing to fault really. Pacing of the food was great, we didn't have to wait long for the next course once our meal started.

Each dish was good but the Chicken Roulade really surprised us because.. chicken. How do you make chicken into a fine-ish dish? But it came highly recommended so we ordered it as well. No doubt better than my duck (which was also good!).

Would definitely return, hopefully the level of service is still as good even after the first few "opening months".

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