Friday, April 7, 2017

Wedding Updates!

Almost everything is done! So far it has been quite enjoyable, the only little hiccup was the lady who was supposed to do up the table flowers for one of the ceremonies took weeks to give me her banking details for a deposit!!! Apart from that-I do enjoy DIY and crafting so I actually did up my own invites and even printed them myself. I also made some of the envelopes for the invitations given to Y*'s family as the ones I ordered were being sent to KL. So far, so good!

I've come to realize a wedding budget can be as big or as small as you want it to be. I have been given the luxury of not having to work whilst planning the 3 parts of our wedding (2 in KL and 1 in Japan) so I was able to do a lot of the sourcing myself. Some couples may prefer to have a wedding planner handle everything for them but I knew from the start I didn't want nor need one. Partly because our celebration was going to be really small (60 pax and 33 pax),  and also because I do enjoy planning parties and events. Plus, it's going to be a really simple event, nothing elaborate, pretty confident I can pull it off.

My dress is already done and fitted, and OMG I LOVE my dress. It has all the elements that I love, and I can't wait until Y* sees me in it. He's been so anxious to catch a glimpse of my dress. But no, he shall have to wait until the day itself. My mother, who initially had her concerns about my dress when I pictured it to her- too this, too that, saw me at my first fitting and was in awe. My dressmaker is so good!! Am making a second dress with her for the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

All weddings come with their fair share of drama and mine is no different. There will always be that one person with a snide comment or nitpicking on things. But to be honest, not bothered at all! I'm more excited than anything!!

Can't wait for Part 1 and 2 of #MrMrsKomai!!

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