Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Almost ready...

Amongst the things I had to get done prior to my departure was to apply for the "Single Status Certificate" or also known as the "Letter Verifying Marital Status" in Malaysia. Application for this certificate can only be done at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) Putrajaya and will be valid for 150 days.

I applied for mine yesterday and the whole procedure took me about an hour plus. From filling the forms, giving a sworn statement, obtaining the cert and also having it endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is located at another building.

Most if not all the information needed can be found online, however the last unofficial guide I came across was written in 2015, there were just slight changes. Here's a walkthrough below:

1. Drive to JPN Putrajaya, there is ample parking along the streets and also a designated carpark next to the building.

2. Go to Level 1, Department of Marriages & Divorce, Counter 1. An attendant will ask for your IC and give you the necessary forms to fill.
*You will only be given a number after you've filled up the forms and given your sworn statement. Previous information found online, applicants were allowed to take a number at the same time.

3. After filling your forms, you will have to give a sworn statement (just signing) at the Commissioner of Oaths just downstairs or if it's closed, at the next building. I took a number and waited about 5-10 minutes, signed some papers, paid MYR4 and I was done.
*From the JPN website, one of the documents required is "Application letter stating the purpose of the application", do not fret there is a template provided with the forms, you just need to fill in your details.

4. Once completed, bring your forms back up to Level 1 and the attendant will hand you a number. I waited less than 5 minutes before my number was called, paid MYR5 and in about 10 minutes I received my certificate.

5. Now, with certificate in hand you will have to drive to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (about 4-5 minutes away). Again, ample parking.

6. Sign in at the guardhouse and walk all the way in, there will be a counter inside. Show your document and take a number. Your certificate will collected when your number is called. It took me about 15 minutes to get mine. The cost of the endorsement is MYR10.

7. Done!

The whole process was easy peasy, and didn't take very long.

Just a reminder:
-Bring your IC and a copy of your foreign partner's passport
-The forms available online are only for reference, you will have to obtain the original one at the JPN counter
-Don't forget to get your certificate stamped and signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-Check opening and closing hours, it's different for both the Departments

If you Googled this, chances are you're preparing for a marriage so, CONGRATULATIONS!!

You can find the official information from JPN here.

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