Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Proposal

As of 3rd May 2016, I have been engaged to the most wonderfully perfect man for me. The proposal came as a complete surprise to me because we had already made it sorta known prior that we wanted to be with each other (forever, haha). 

Y (my fiancé) told me he picked the ring himself, and this man knows me so well. A single stone is usually the choice for engagement rings but he felt that this design suited me better. Delicate, simple and sweet. And he is right, I love the ring but even more I love that it reflects my style, and was picked out by Y.

Y distracted me with desserts and drinks just before he proposed. When he popped open the box and started expressing his feelings, it was as if my surroundings froze and I couldn't hear anything except for his voice. Admittedly, I did tear a little but after that I couldn't stop smiling!

I've never come across such a design.. a little bow but it's so delicate and pretty and unique! I LOVE IT!!! Y always picks the best gifts for me (which is a hard task as I'm very particular especially with jewellery).

I am so blessed and thankful for having Y love me exactly the way I am (and knowing me so well!!).

We have now been engaged for more than a month but every time I look at the ring my heart still skips a little and a smile plays on my lips. 

I miss Y so much! Counting down the days until we meet!!

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