Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Empties: December 2016

Annazarube Ace Nikibi Acne Cream
Lip Smacker Dr Pepper Lip Balm
The Saem Masterchef Cheesecake Hand Cream
Aesop Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser

I've repurchased the Annazarube Ace Nikibi Acne Cream a few times now for myself and my sister. This is the best Japanese acne cream which I have used! They are especially good on those large painful pimples. I rarely need to use it these days so this was actually finished by my fiancé. Slather some on the pimple and the next day it would subside or dry up making it easy to come to a head. Already have a spare in my stash for emergencies!

I usually go through quite a number of lipbalms but this winter I wasn't as diligent because I've been using an amazing sleeping mask for lips which leaves them feeling so soft and moisturized, and in the morning I forget that I still should apply a balm. Only managed to finish off one, the Lip Smacker Dr Pepper flavoured lip balm. It had a slight red tint to it which made my lips look healthy and also smelled and tasted like Dr Pepper. Not bad but wasn't as moisturizing as I hoped.

My sister and I used to be big time Aesop users, we've probably tried most if not all the products between the both of us. With each purchase, they always give plenty of samples and I am still going through them. I remember trying the Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser in the past but didn't like it. It kinda left a film after washing off. However, this time my skin really felt good- soft and comfortable without any greasy feeling. I'm not sure if it's the weather being cold and all but I kinda want to try a full size now. Used it as a second cleanser, so I can't vouch for makeup removing claims.

I always have one hand cream in my bag and this one from The Saem is from their limited edition Masterchef series- a range of dessert scented hand creams. I picked up quite a few during my visit to Busan, this was labeled as Cheesecake but smelled more like coconut to me. Not bad, moisturized well without leaving my hands greasy and the scent didn't give me a headache (most strong florals do). 1 down, 100 more hand creams to go!

Hoping to finish up more skincare and hopefully some makeup this year!

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