Friday, January 20, 2017

Wonect Beauty Review: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Long Long Long

No, that's not a typo on the title.. the name of product number 2 in this month's Wonect Beauty Box is a mascara by Majolica Majorca named Lash Expander Long Long Long Mascara. It also says "Fulfills All Your Wishes" on the packaging, we'll see about that!

Before I get into this review, I have to state that I'm not a mascara user for a few reasons- 1) I have hooded lids so my lashes poke straight down, 2) I draw my eyeliner super thick so it doesn't show even if I use mascara (only visible sideways) might as well skip it, also 3) I have sensitive eyes and many formulas (even high end brands) cause it to sting mildly and tear. I've tried to incorporate mascara into my routine before but it was just too much trouble.

The packaging is also in-line with their other products, and makes me think of a dark, sexy and mysterious woman who uses them. This mascara is said to "contain 5 times of lengthening component, rich with deep black long fibers to achieve an intense, dramatic lash in a single stroke" and "with a liquid extension effect, smoothly elongates the lashes to leave them long, clump-free, glossy, with a long-lasting curl".

It has a unique 2-faced brush, the long and curved side is for lengthening and separating, whilst the shorter side is for retouching. You can see the little fibres poking out. The formula is waterproof and is able to resist sweat, water and sebum. It also contains treatment ingredients to care for lashes. So many claims, let me put them to the test!

Lash details from left to right, 1) uncurled, 2) after eyelash curler, eyes closed 3) eyes open and 4) after using mascara.

I am seriously impressed! My less than ideal lashes were definitely lengthened, so imagine what this could do for those with obvious lashes! The wet fibres brushed on easily and did not flake at all after it dried, not even when I accidentally rubbed my eyes (I forgot I had mascara on). They are weightless, not clumpy and did not smudge at all. Although it is primarily a lengthening mascara, it also held the curl very well- up until I removed it at night. Removal was easy with a eye makeup remover.

The Lash Expander does live up to it's claims and I highly recommend it! A+++

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