Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Recipe: Easy Yee Sang

Yee Sang or also known as Yu Sang, Yu Sheng, I've made this more than 5 times since I prepared it for the Lunar New Year, albeit with lesser ingredients. It's so easy and healthy too, there are plenty of recipes online but mine is with what I could find in my local supermarket in Japan.

Shredded daikon (white radish)
Shredded kyuri (cucumber)
Shredded ninjin (carrot)
Kombu (sea kelp)
Beni shouga (pickled shredded ginger)
Crushed peanuts
Sesame seeds
Wanton skin (cut into 1x1cm and fried)
Raw fish of your choice

Japanese ume dressing (I picked the zero oil version)

1. Assemble shredded vegetables, raw fish and condiments as you wish. 
2. Mix the ume dressing with a few squirts of honey to sweeten and thicken the sauce.
3. Pour sauce over the Yee Sang and toss!

Super easy and tasty! I sometimes make it with just daikon, carrot, beni shouga, peanuts, sesame seeds and the sauce. Just had it for dinner yesterday and I can't get enough of it just yet.


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