Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day in Japan

I've shared this on my Instagram post and I'll share it again; I believe that Love should be expressed whenever possible to all whom we hold dear- family, partner, and friends, not just today.

In Japan, Valentine's Day seems to be all about the guys- they get the chocolates whilst the girls wait until March 14 (a month later) to see if the guy reciprocates. In mid-January I had already started to see displays of different chocolates in-stores, they were all packaged so beautifully and they had different price-ranges so you could definitely find something for the guy(s) in your life or even yourself.

I say "guys" because in Japan, it is common to give out giri-choco which is chocolate which has no romantic feelings attached, more like a thank you, and given to all or most guys which you know or work with. Honmei-choco is usually handmade (with love) and given to a lover or spouse. 

This year, I bought giri-choco for Y*'s boss and also workmate. I had a hard time picking from the vast selection and everything was packaged so nicely. In the end, I went with a sake assortment of chocolates for his boss and a box of cat shaped chocolates for his co-worker. It was so cute! 

The weeks leading up Valentine's Day, I didn't buy anymore chocolates nor did I mention anything about it, but little did Y* know I had already bought the ingredients to make him a little something. To throw him off, I pretended to browse the chocolate aisle and then never picked anything up. 

On the morning itself, Y* admitted that he was delighted when he saw me reach into the *hidden spot* to retrieve his box of sweets in the morning. He said he would've been a little upset if I had not given him anything, seeing that I did get his boss and co-workers gifts. How could I forget you, my love! 

Dinner was Spaghetti Bolognese with the best garlic bread I've made (a friend shared her recipe with me), followed by Nutella & toasted marshmallow on toast. 

This is our first of many Valentine's Day together, last year whilst we were still doing long distance, I sent him a box of goodies. 

Thank you for being so easy to love, my forever Valentine.

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