Saturday, February 25, 2017

Current Bathroom Products

Almost halfway through my current haircare and bodycare, they are all yellow and contain honey as an ingredient. I gravitate towards all honey products- skincare, lipcare, bath products, scents.. and yes, I also love eating honey. My favourite is Acacia honey, I like the light floral taste and it tastes so good in warm milk.

I picked up the Ahalo Butter Honey Milk Body Wash because 1) I like using warm, milky, slightly sweet scents in Winter, and 2) Honey and Milk are known to be moisturizing ingredients and I sure do need a boost of that in the colder months. I really liked the scent and one pump is all I need for a wash but unfortunately it wasn't as moisturizing as I had hoped. My forearms are always left feeling a littleeee bit tight after each shower but nothing a little moisturizer can't fix. Would be better for other seasons I suppose.

At one point I was drawn to Alice everything, I even picked up a BB cushion in her silhouette, and when I saw this Kao Essential Rich Damage Care set with a shampoo and conditioner, I just grabbed it without thinking or even reading the ingredients. I just figured Rich Damage Care would be great for Winter and great for my long hair. Turns out this range is formulated with highly concentrated Honey, Royal Jelly Extract and Protein. It has a light fruity floral scent which is alright and performance wise- it didn't weigh my hair down nor made it greasy but I still prefer the Lux Luminique range. Somehow my hair feels more "airy" using that and I really like it.

Am also using the Lebel IAU Hair Mask which I reviewed earlier but is not pictured. No repurchases from this season's picks and you can read about my previous bathroom products here

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