Friday, March 3, 2017

New In: February 2017

Sakura season is looming, and many beauty brands are pushing out sakura themed products- either in terms of packaging or using the actual flower as an ingredient.

Such a pretty lot from last month's purchases. It's a coincidence that everything I picked up is pink.

Lux Luminique Sakura Dream is a limited edition only sold during this season, I enjoy using the Luminique range and the scent is quite nice so I bought it.
Canmake Transparent Finish Powder TL a lavender powder which I will be using to set my makeup during Part 1 of #MrMrsKomai (yes that's the hashtag we will be using!) and yes, I will be doing my own makeup too.
Cow brand Additive Free Cleansing Oil, I'm down to 1 unopened cleansing oil in my stash so I figured a backup is needed. Not really fussed with my cleansing oils, as long as they do the job well, affordable and is ok for sensitive skin, I'm happy to try it out.
DUP x Rola Eyelashes Fixer EX, as mentioned above I will be doing my own makeup so I picked up a bottle of eyelash glue. This has the "Cosme Award" sticker so it should be good. Pretty packaging! *buys them all*

The month of March will be a no-buy, except for masks which I use on a daily basis for #100daysofmasks. Check out my Instagram(xxenn) to see what what masks I've been using daily leading to my big day.

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