Tuesday, March 14, 2017

White Day in Japan

My first White Day celebration in Japan! Well, technically I'm not in Japan at the moment, I flew back to KL a few days ago (to start planning for our wedding!!). So Y* said I could open my gifts which were given by him and his boss and colleague before I left.

Everything is so pretty! And the truffles were sooo gooooodd! Especially the Speculoos flavoured one. It was a box of 18 and we errr polished it within 3 days. Valentine's and White Day in Japan is like a trap for consumers who can't resist packaging and chocolate. I found it so hard to resist the aisle and aisles of chocolate the few weeks leading to this day.

Not a fan of chocolate pastries and cakes but chocolate by itself, in a drink or mousse form- I love!

Thank you for the gifts!! I can forsee myself collecting more tins/boxes in the coming years LOL.

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