Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: JOLSE HaruHaru Sheet Mask

I recently received a bunch of HaruHaru masks from Jolse to review. These masks contain Mayu (horse oil) and come in 4 variants- Soothing, Moisture, Lifting and Vitality.

The illustration has a touch of dark humour which I find funny- the Soothing mask shows a lady catching her lover with another woman and the Moisture mask features the same lady (?) dunking a guy's head into water for some hydration. 

All the masks in the Haruharu line contain fermented horse fat, I tried the Soothing Mask first as I was experiencing skin redness from the cold winter. The scent reminded me of eucalyptus although it's not listed as one of the ingredients. It did help with my rosacea but I noticed tiny red bumps (which disappeared n the morning). There was a slight residue leftover after removing the masks which took a while to absorb, but once it did- supple skin!

I kept the masks on for 30 mins each night, and although they can be used nightly I would not recommend doing that for someone with combination skin as it might be too much. Drier skins would love it in my opinion.

On the second night, I went with the Moisture Mask. Main ingredients of the include Blueberry Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Mayu. This has a scent which I can't quite figure out, but it isn't offensive. As with the first mask, I was also left with supple skin and the same residue which took a while to absorb.

I wanted to continue for the 3rd night with another Haruharu mask but I had noticed little red bumps which weren't going away overnight. So I skipped it for one night and used it after my skin had calmed down. The Vitality mask showed the least improvement on my skin, perhaps it's because I've been getting enough sleep and rest so this might perform better on someone with dull skin or lacking sleep. It also contains Niacinamide and quite a number of different plant root extracts.

The last of the series is the Lifting mask, which I used on the next night. This has Aloe, Rose Water, Centella Asiatica and a number of fruit extracts. My face seemed a little more defined but nothing drastic. I also noticed a red bump on my cheek and this also leaves the same sheen which takes a while to absorb. I wore all of these masks for 30-40 minutes each.

After using these masks nightly, stopping and starting again, I am quite sure that my skin can't handle so much Mayu on a daily basis. However, it is a great mask for those with drier skins or during winter when our skin needs more hydration. 

Thank you Jolse for sending over these masks for me to try out!

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